Written about no one in particular,
written for no one in particular,
this is a place for love.

For found love
and lost love
and untaken chances.

Life is short—
we fall in love
and out of love
and lose and cry and hope
everywhere in between.

And sometimes,
everything changes.


38 thoughts on “about

    • Thanks. That means a lot to me. But, alas, I fear I neither know how or have the capability to make posters of these. But, if you’d like any of the images (with text or without) to be printed off or put up as a desktop background, feel free to email me and I’ll send you the image file.

  1. I love the concept and execution of this site – but that sounds so academic. What I really love is the feeling, the sense that this can be for anyone, everyone, noone. It’s exactly what love can be.

  2. At the risk of repeating what was said above: very beautiful in its simple wording. The message seems so simple, too, even if it touches and perfectly reflects the most complex process – the human feelings. Maybe feelings are much simpler than we make them out to be, though?

    • Thank you for the insight. I try to make things in my life rather simple and concise, which perhaps is why I’m drawn to poetry and shorter writing. I think you’re right to say feelings are simpler–we do have an extraordinary tendency to overcomplicate and misunderstand.

    • Sorry for the late response–I guess I got a little trigger-happy with the ‘delete’ button after a bunch of spam making it through. I just wanted to say you’ve got a great blog as well–you share insights necessary for change in the world, which is something not everyone is willing to do! More than that, you put it in simple words, which is something many people forget. So, thank you for the reminders and truths.

  3. Michael…you are so very inspiring. Your words and art are lovely. The pastel colors on your blog page grabbed me tight. I have used it on mine with a reference to your work.

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